Registration is now open for B-TEX EXPO 6-9 may 2024

Experience Latest AV Technologies

See, hear and experience some of the ground-breaking innovations in AV and Integrated Experience solutions by the biggest global players in the industry.

Learn from Global Experts

From strategic industry insights to the latest technology updates, the Summit offers a wealth of deep and broad learning opportunities from top industry experts.

Connect with Right Partner

Network and collaborate with the right partners who can help you take your business to a higher level.

Reasons for Visiting

Latest Pro-AV technologies

The exhibition features some of the most exciting, innovative and cutting-edge Pro-AV and Integrated Experience solutions from industry bellwethers who hail from all over the world.

Summit for Knowledge Exchange

The Summit is the learning segment of Benghazi's international communication and digital economy. Knowledge exchange is facilitated via meeting top Pro-AV experts worldwide.

Co-location with NIXT Summit

Aside from visiting Benghazi international communication and digital economy ​, you can also check out a brand new show showcasing emerging technologies like 5G, AI and IoT.

Official Sponsor

Ministry of Communications and Informatics

Platinum Sponsor


ION is a recently established company in the field of telecom and technology providing vast range of services for both local and international markets. It was founded by a group of motivated Libyan scientists and engineers with intensive worldwide experience. Ion is the owner of the ISP Connect that covers major parts of eastern Libya.

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Al-Jeel Technology Company for Communications and Technology was established in 2015, and is based in Misrata – Libya. It specializes in Providing innovative solutions and advanced products in the field of communications and technology, as well as It seeks to provide high-quality services to various companies and customers through the ability To develop services and products And the solutions.

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Board of directors decisions

The decision of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Libya dated 10/24/1423 AD approving the application for the establishment of the Trade and Development Bank. Brother / Secretary of the General People’s Committee for Planning and Finance Decision of Brother / Secretary of the General People’s Committee for Planning and Finance No. 234 of 1423 AD on November 29, 1423 AD Permission to the Bank of Commerce and Development to carry on its business

The decisions of the Ministry of Economy

Decision of Brother / Secretary of the General People’s Committee for Planning, Economy and Trade No. 529 of 1424 AD, issued on 6/11/1424 AD Concerning permission to establish the Bank of Commerce and Development, a Libyan joint stock company. The Commercial Bank was registered and registered under No. 9515 on 9/11/1424 AD 1995 AH. The official opening of the bank took place on 9/6/1996, and the main Benghazi branch, which was opened on 12/6/1996, began. Practicing various banking activities and providing modern, distinguished and modern services The Equestrian Agency of the main Benghazi branch was opened on 12/6/1996 AH. As for the main Tripoli branch, it started to operate as of August 20, 1997 in the Dhat El Emad Complex, Tower No. (1), in Tripoli. Then, the Ghat al-Shaal Agency, affiliated to the main Tripoli branch, was opened on 20/4/1999. As for the main Misurata branch, it was opened on 6/9/1998 A.D. and began to engage in all banking business.

Gold Sponsor


Al-Medad Company for Software and Electronic Systems, the first and leading company in the field of software in Libya and the Arab world.

Silver Sponsor


Giga Ltd. is a Wireless Internet Service and IT Solutions provider. We provide high-speed broadband service and WiFi HotSpots to homes, offices, and businesses of any size. Our services coverage extends nationally across Libya through wireless, fiber optic,and satellite services.

We are also distributors of a wide range of technology products and services.

Media Partner


Libya Alhadath TV

Technical Partner


Link network for high-speed, highly secure Internet services (fiber optics) with a technical support team ready to serve you.

Digital Partner


Alshafak IT Solutions, a Libyan-based tech pioneer, excels in delivering a wide range of cutting-edge IT solutions, cybersecurity, and information technology projects, primarily for the banking sector. With a strong emphasis on fulfilling diverse client needs through innovative digital services, the company prides itself on partnerships with leading tech giants worldwide. Alshafak is committed to enhancing operational efficiency and digital transformation, leveraging years of expertise to provide unparalleled service quality and reliability, reinforcing its market leadership in Libya and beyond.


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Our Clients

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